Don’t Let Buyers Meet Your Dust Bunnies

Morgan Lane Sellers Tips

Cleaning is a pretty obvious step to take before putting a house on the market for sale. But have you asked yourself, “how clean is my home?”

While you’ve already dusted, vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen counters, it may not be enough. There are many areas you didn’t even think to clean and buyers will take notice. In order to get a home in market-ready condition, take your cleaning up a notch and focus on these areas.

Corners: Unseen corners can be forgotten, and mops and vacuums don’t always clean them effectively. Use special attachments on your vacuum to clean out corners (both on the floor and ceilings). Kitchens in particular can get messy with crumbs and dust so don’t forget to check those corners in particular.

Bathroom details: How clean is the area behind your toilet? There’s a good chance it needs a good scrubbing. Showers (and especially tubs) should come across as inviting and relaxing. Make sure to clean them thoroughly so they shine for showings. Also consider changing your shower curtain or liner if there’s buildup on it. Wash things like toothbrush holders and soap dishes. Everything should look like new.

Small appliances: We often neglect to clean appliances. Small appliances like blenders, food processors and microwaves can build up food stains. For your microwave, clean the exterior and interior. Don’t forget to clean the buttons on your blender too. And while you’re moving those appliances around, clean the counters they rest on.

Large appliances: How regularly do you clean your washer and dryer? Probably not often so check that all lint is removed and give it a good wipe down. Also check the dishwasher, paying particular attention to fingerprints and stains on the surface. Do the same with the exterior of your refrigerator.

Ceiling fans: Any ceiling fan that is used regularly is certain to have dusty blades. Use a stepladder to clean the blades and other parts of the fan with a damp cloth. Chances are you won’t even need to use a cleaner. If you do want to use a cleaning product, make sure it won’t damage the blades.

Door frames: This is another overlooked spot that can get dusty. Door frames stand out as guests walk from room to room so pay special attention to these.

Curtains and pillows: These can build up dirt, dust and pollen. If your curtains and pillowcases are machine washable, this is an easy fix. Some larger curtains may need to be dry cleaned. Read the instructions before cleaning and replace pillows if they are deteriorated.

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